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Who We Are

Bluebell Montessori International School is an early learning child development centre located at No 10 LK Anga Road, (Former Total Gospel Road) off Peter Odili Road, Trans Amadi industrial layout, Port Harcourt.

At Bluebell Montessori, we believe that children should be empowered with early education to keep them intellectually fit, while helping them imbibe good moral, physical and spiritual discipline, preparing them to contribute meaningfully towards creating a better society and a better world in general.

As a gathering of highly skilled education practitioners, Bluebell Montessori provides a safe and loving atmosphere for children and teachers to understanding each other which is aimed at increasing the output of each individual child.

Our aim is therefore use the Montessori educational system to integrate each child’s needs set against the child’s ability and interest with emphasis on the development of the complete Child, full prepared for academic challenges in entrance examinations to local and foreign secondary institutions.



Our vision is to create superior value in our children while satisfying their intellectual needs, with particular emphasis on firm education and a high moral foundation, discipline, self respect, security and above all, fear of God.


Our mission is to provide a safe learning environment that will give the required wings for the future generation to actualize their dreams and aspirations, thereby help make the world a better place for all.